Welcome to Hijama & just-Halal (Drugless Food Medication)

Welcome Hijama & just Halal (Drug-less Food Medication):

I am sure everyone can agree with me that forced marriages leave one with threats and pressure of the unknown, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Forced into marriage with known or unknown illnesses and not getting help couldn’t be any better especially Conventional doctors putting it down as old age or a psychosomatic disorder!

I came up with couple of unknown illnesses yet to be diagnosed including pain, Arthritis in most joints, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Constipation, Ringing ears, Anxiety, Stress, Cramp, Muscle spasm, Hot and Cold flushes, Falling- hair, Reduced mobility and falls, Instability, Movement disorder, Adrenal fatigue and Adult speech impairment to mention but a few.

Anytime doctors says “I’ve got to live with it” or “it is just in my head” made me cry and wanted to explode, the need to prove them wrong eager me to do something about it and when carers started coming in and treating me like an object, made me say” no more, it’s got to be now,” it’s got to stop! I had to stop all medications and decided to be tough with myself since what I am going through is disturbing my mind and destroying my confidence. I had sleepless nights of researches, (thanks to insomnia) reading and trying different test out. I was compelled to the Internet, focus groups on social media and health seminars, follow different groups of functional doctors until I found and had Hijama done. I had a couple of Ruyqiah done too, Quantum touch, seated acupressure, light seated exercises or yoga, hand massage and my own innovated treatment “MOROGUNLIY” (I hope you can guess what this is from its name) which really had a very good impact on my Muscles, my balance and general healing. I now see this sudden deterioration of my health as a journey to a new me rather than an illness as I hated reading but today I am glued to reading and researching to prove to these doctors that I am not crazy or hallucinating. I learn to detox, removed some foods from my diet, introduced “God’s medication” (herbs, Organic/natural foods, superfoods, smoothie, purees and Teas) and fed no more rubbish into my body. I regained my health back using everything I am introducing to people now even though I am yet to be diagnosed I am 100% better and I recently dropped my crutches though not 100% on my walking. Alhamdulillah!  My anxiety and Panic attack, I just worked on in the last on week using an inversion table which was worth the efforts and money spent.

I had to retrain as a Practitioner/Therapist, in multiple fields of complementary therapy some of which are Hijama, Seated Acupressure (Yoga or seated exercises), Quantum touch and hand massage, with a vision to allow everyone achieve optimal, radiant and sustainable health while reviving this Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), using Dua, Cups, Incisions, Organic food medication and herbs to heal the heart, the mind and the body, hence the birth of my drugless health crusade. "HIJAMA & JUST HALAL then Food Zikri /Food Medication.