My illness gave me more than I bargained for.
 illnesses have given me a different approach to life and given me more than it has taken away unlike medication. We all know when we are ill, not feeling good and need no one to tell us that. We should research rather than waiting or listening to Doctors telling you "it is in our head" yet got paid for the consultations. I healed myself using alternative health products from mother nature, “God’s medication “I call them, rather than drug choking and causing further health problems. I did not only heal but grew in it, as it became a calling and I now share my survivor messages “for people to do something about theirs” and I started doing something good to others encouraging them to try my drug-less healthy living unlike conventional medicine to enable them to treat the root causes rather than the symptoms. i.e. I do not just use creams to cure dry skin but use the 5R system.

1, Remove all stressors and possible triggers including bad foods. 2. Replace with good foods. 3. Restore the digestive system using supplements and probiotics. 4. Repair the gut by ensuring proper absorption of vital nutrients and 5. Rebuild or Re-balance your entire lifestyle to prevent re-occurrence. I now make other people’s Shifa'a (good health) my concern, not the number our cups, my time used or money hence my treatment is for well-being rather than profit making".

Kafayah Umm Abdul-Maleek. Inaolountanjust4Islam, Loan4Allah, Food Medication 

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Disclaimer: We at Hijama & just Halal are therapists and drug-less health crusaders who believes that disease can be improved using Hijama, positive energy around us, food and natural detoxification & rejuvenation. We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. We do not advise that people discontinue using their prescription drugs without the consent of their doctor. For all matters that relate to your physical health, please contact your physician. This therapy and cleansing is not intended for use by children under 5, pregnant, or lactating women except under the care of a physician. Since herbs can interact with, and sometimes replace medications, check with your physician before using them.

"Your shifa'a our concern not our cups or time"
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