20 Things my illnesses taught me

                                      20 things my illnesses taught me.

1. Illness is not a curse but a test, if you are opportune to have one, you can accept it and do nothing about it. It will either ruin you or kill you. You can accept it, research it and challenge it and it will open new doors to other things. My illness is a journey that brought out the best in me, it subconsciously prepared me for a newer and better life, my diet was affected as what I fed into my body and my gut became paramount to me now, my career changed into alternatives and food medication and in fact, everything about me changed. It involved me with a wider range of things I would never have delved into, brought me closer to God as I learn to read and ponder on both the Quran and the Bible, it taught me to appreciate people and nature, to be patient with others since unseen disabilities like mine cannot be predicted or seen, I learn to meditate, be hopeful and be grateful hence seeing things from different perspectives to other people all the time. It exposed me to feeding my gut rather than my tummy, made the awareness of death and the hereafter more meaningful, enable me to live day by day as it comes, to help others in need, give hope to others in the health crisis and encourage them to learn to reverse their health issues if possible.

2. There’s no illness without cure apart from death and it is a calling that we can’t lose both ways if we grabbed the opportunity. It is an invitation to serve Allah, an invitation to check us, make us ponder and redirect us. In fact, a gift to those who have eyes and ears. If we use this time appropriately like searching for a cure, doing charity and reading the Quran and other holy books with the hope of meeting Allah, if we die, we won’t go away blank and if we survive we can share our story to help others.

3. We need to take control of our own health and allow no one to do it for us, we should challenge every diagnose and medications, research and make choices. The more we do the more we learn and compare.

4. Check everything, query, and research everything we put in our mouth and our body, what are they made of? “If we can’t eat them, then they are not good for our body, i.e. bathing or swimming water, soap, body cream or perfume.

5. All foods are God’s medications, too much or too little of one causes a problem, there’s need for certain fruits at certain times of the year hence, some fruits are seasonal but human greed made apples and other seasonal fruits available round the year, so if you are consuming seasonal fruits round the year, you need to ask yourself what are you really eating? “Thank God, Agbalumo is yet to be clone”

6. Money is not bad for us but what we do with what we buy i.e. buying unhealthy GMO, Sugar, Cancer feeding foods, Alcohols and drugs or supplementing, growing your own food and investing in small machinery for healthy living.7.    Conventional medicine treats the symptoms while functional medicine treats the root cause. The earlier look at our physical body and just put us on more medication while the later looks at the core and takes us off it. It’s our choice I say again. Appointments with functional doctors could last from about 1 hours to few days while 10 to 20 minutes with Conventional Doctors is even too much discussing a problem at a visit leaving no room to link them up.

8. We should stop being Zombies by turning to medications all the time but try to put our pictures together, connecting the dots, using history, trends, patterns, triggers and times to lead us to the root cause.

9. We can use foods, oils, Kinetic energy around us, Acupressure points, messages, Hijama, herbs & roots (as smoothie or teas) to heal rather our gut than drug choking and causing further health problems

10. Our total health and longevity not only depend on food but also our history i.e. our emotions, the quality of our relationships, exposure to environmental toxins, our connection to nature and community, and whether we listen to our heart’s deepest longings and intuition on not.

11.  There’s got to be a connection between the heart and the brain for the mind and body to heal i.e. you can only be healed when you are ready for it when you have reasons and needs for it, belief in yourself and the treatment you are about to embark on.

12. Our body talks, we need to listen to our body, increase our intuition, laugh more, learn to forgive, learn to process anger, shame and resentment for better health i.e. holding on to grudges, being sad and not forgiving, not letting things go, impact our health more than we know, it causes more damage than good and leaves us with no results, especially when the person comes to say sorry after the damage is done to our health. We can only reverse the situation if we know about it. Imagine what goes on if we don’t...

13.  If we are concerned about our health and our privacy, we can list them out on a piece of paper, check the list daily for improvements and ways to tackle them or burn it if you wish, get it out of your head and just let it flow, connect to others and let the emotion move through, don’t hold on.

14.  Before you go to sleep daily, look back at your list if you save it and be grateful for 3 things that went well and be hopeful for 3 things that didn’t. Alhamdulillah for my life, today, I have food and I ate what I like, I needed to sleep and I just did, I went to the toilet and used it without help. if we start counting out blessings at least 3 daily, we will know how blessed we are. Subhannallah! I couldn’t buy my plane ticket today as I lost some money to 419, only God knows what could have happened to me on the journey, I thank you, God. My car didn’t start and I missed my interview maybe some reasons unknown to me. I thank you still. I had a fall but didn’t break my arm or I broke my arm but still alive Alhamdulillah! We need to praise him all the time and be hopeful for tomorrow if we meet it in shaa Allah, it will be another grateful thing.

15.  Love and gratitude open the healing connection while medications are just a placebo most of the time.

16.  We should find time to chill out and do nothing but reflect at least 15-30 minutes daily.

17.  We should drink and eat to heal throughout the day using different herbs, roots and powder as teas or smoothie. Keeping a tea flask with us daily won't be a bad idea.

18.  We should learn to grow and make my own food from scratch, even when there’s no land and time to do so. This to include toothpaste, household cleaners and mosquito repellents.

19.  We can search for a diagnose to condition on the Internet, focus groups and health seminars and follow different groups of functional doctors or just one.

20.  There’s always light after the tunnel: Joining focus groups matches you to other sufferers, finding out that you are not alone with your similar problems, with or without a diagnose makes life easier and hopeful, as it confirms your feelings to be real and not going” round the bend” (Crazy). You can also learn how to deal with different problems using other people’s experiences. It’s not bad after all.

"Your shifa'a our concern not our cups or time"
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